3 Ingredient Pancake/Crepe Fat Bombs!

Prep time: Less than 5 minutes. 432 Calories | 34g of Fat | 22g of Protein | <2g of Carbs

I call these fat bombs because this is packed with 34g of fat and will satisfy your pancake/crepe cravings. This was inspired by the two ingredient banana pancakes I use to make a couple of years ago but instead of bananas, we use cream cheese! I’ve been looking for low carb options for pancakes but all the other options was still pretty high in carbs. I’ve tried Birch Benders “Keto” pancakes but it was a dry mess plus spiked up my blood glucose by 15!!! So yeah, no.

In this recipe all you need is 3 simple ingredients: EGGS, VANILLA EXTRACT, & CREAM CHEESE. Can’t get any simpler than that eh? I know what you’re thinking.. These are basically just omelettes right? Eh kinda but not exactly. The cream cheese will help the eggs with the consistency of the batter when cooked, after it will taste more like very thin pancakes or crepes lol

The batter is a little bit runny so I couldn’t really make it visually appealing and will come out as more of a crepe than pancakes but close enough lol.

I used about 2 oz of cream cheese, 3 eggs, and a splash of vanilla to add a bit of flavor. Blend it all together. I used my magic bullet to blend it. If you whisk it, might take a little longer to dissolve the chunks of cream cheese out. After doing so, just cook it like how you would a normal pancake! These will make you about 4 medium sized pancakes.

These are runny as I mentioned it earlier so it will be thin and crepe like. So be careful not to over cook them!

You can add you favorite low carb syrup or some fruits on top as you wish!I prefer to just sprinkle some swerve confectioners sugar on top to add a little sweetness to it.

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