About Shar


About Me:

So I guess I have to introduce myself now huh? Well, my name is Sharmaine Fajardo. 25 years old and currently working as a Registered Respiratory Therapist in Las Vegas. I am a maltipoo mother of 1 and if you haven’t noticed, I like adobo and lumpia so yes I’m Filipino.

Why I started this blog:

Why? Well it’s very simple actually. I was bored. Hehe. But no, on a more serious note I just want an outlet to write about all the shit in my head. I want to share my journey with you guys about my life, my interests, and my dog of course, duh!

Meet my fur baby KOBE 🙂

Okay okay, so yes, I’m one of those crazy dog moms. But meet Kobe you guys! I don’t have any kids at the moment so Kobe is my child lol. You’ll be seeing him a lot in my blog so enjoy 😀


Any questions? Contact me at admin@halfpastdope.com

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