Bulletproof Matcha.. My morning pick me up and appetite suppressor

Bulletproof Matcha.. My morning pick me up and appetite suppressor

Green tea/Matcha has always been one of my favorite go to drinks at cafes or even desserts. Being a big coffee drinker to get me through 12 hour shifts at the hospital or even just a normal day, I felt that I like drinking matcha better as it doesn’t give me a nasty “coffee breath” in the morning to give me that extra boost and to suppress my appetite, bulletproof coffee just leaves a nasty bitter taste in my mouth.

Matcha has helped me tremendously with my weight loss as it has suppressed my appetite for long periods of time and satisfied my hunger in the morning with intermittent fasting.

But what is Matcha?

If you do not know what matcha is, it is made from young green tea leaves and pulverized to create a fine powder form. Most people prepare this by whisking the powder with hot water or milk to make a frothy creamy latte, but I’m a little cheap and just use a teaspoon and prefer to drink it iced. Lol It is quite different than regular green tea that you might see in a tea bag. It sort of like when you boil kale or some other leafy greens and you throw the greens away and drink the water itself. You’re still getting the nutrients but not all of it. While matcha is packed with more nutrients since you are consuming the whole plant. It actually contains 137x more antioxidants than green tea itself!

Benefits of matcha

I know I know, I’m over here giving a whole lecture about matcha but hey, you’ve got to know and understand what you put in your body right? Anyways..

Matcha contains a massive amount of EGCC which is a powerful antioxidant that helps and fight inflammation and aids in cancer prevention that helps boost T-cell production.

It also contains 3 times the level of caffeine. What we all know and love from coffee you can get the same benefits from drinking matcha.

It has also been shown to lower blood sugar too and prevent blood glucose from spiking. And of course it aids in weight loss, that EGCC can boost your metabolism and increase fat burning. (Source***)

My fasting blood glucose level
1 hour after drinking bullet proof matcha

Okay, enough with the lecture .

So lets get down to the good stuff.

What makes this beverage bulletproof is because of the healthy fats you add to this drink. It can be either from MCT oil, ghee butter, or even coconut oil. Personally, I prefer adding MCT oil as I like to taste the matcha more than anything else while ghee or coconut oil can leave a bit of a taste.

Picking a high quality ceremonial grade matcha is KEY! I’ve tried loads of matcha powder and one that I love is ENCHA.

Can be found on AMAZON ($19.95)

When picking a good matcha powder you want to make sure to look at the color of the powder. The more vibrant green it is, the better quality. I would steer clear from dark and muddy looking powders as you may not get the full benefits of matcha from it plus it is very bitter!

Encha is a bit on the pricier side but the taste doesn’t compare! Other brands I’ve tried is so strong and bitter that I could not stand it and end up having to put a lot of sweetener! I don’t have a whisk so I just grab a tsp and mix it with hot water until it is completely dissolves.

Can be found at Costco for $8.99

I prefer to add 1 tsp of sweetener just to add a little kick to it. I prefer monk fruit sweetener as it doesn’t leave a nasty artificial sweetener taste in my mouth. Be careful on what type of sweetener you use and make sure that it has a 0 glycemic index, most sweeteners can spike up your blood sugar.

Now to add that healthy fat into your beverage. MCT oil is a medium chain triglyceride that is commonly taken from coconut oil. This is what will help you feel full as it is shown to increase the release of two hormones that will suppress your hunger. One tbsp will contain about 14g of healthy fats, but it also contains 100 calories so are sure to not put too much!

I like to put almond milk in my matcha as it creates a more creamy consistency.

You mix them together and there ya go! One cup of this usually keeps me full until dinner time with an occasional snack in between

Now put ice over this and you’re good to go!

One cup will contain about 140 calories and less than 1g of carb.

What’s your favorite morning pick me up?

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