Cheat Days on Keto!

Cheat Days on Keto!

With many diets, cheat days are well embraced and very much accepted. With Keto, you might be wondering if you can get a pass on carb binging. Will ONE day of sweets and carbs knock you out of ketosis and ruin all your hard work and progress?

Here’s what you need to know about Keto and cheat days.

Is it possible to have a cheat day and still stay in ketosis?

Here’s a quick answer, NO and hell No. You will most definitely get out of ketosis.

Once carbohydrates enter your system once again, your body will potentially use that as a source of fuel again. And it will remain that way until all the glycogen in your body has been depleted and get back in to your keto regimen. I’ve had a couple of bad days, and still do. Shit, I just had one a few hours ago today.

So what do I do now?

Okay, so you had a slice of cake or a piece of chocolate that made you go over your carb intake for the day. Stop right there. Don’t have the mindset of “Well I already ate this and ruined my diet today, might as well do it for the whole day” NO. That right there is just a recipe for disaster. Sugar is like crack. Once you’ve had it after not having it for a while your body will crave it again, and for most people it spirals them down to a carb binging mess then you’ll start to feel shitty and have those dreadful headaches!

After that slice of cake or whatever the fuck you just ate, drop your fucking spoon/fork and walk away. Limit your carb intake for the rest of the day. Get back into your macronutrient ratios the next day, go eat all those high fatty foods. Exercise, run, HIIT, or whatever to deplete your body of glycogen. For me, I fast for 24 hours to get me right back into ketosis faster.

Just because you’ve messed up one day, doesn’t mean you have to throw all your progress away. One day won’t ruin you. It’s okay to have an occasional slip up as long as you get back right into your normal routine YOU WILL be fine just don’t spiral down. If you mess up and start to feel guilty the whole day, you’re setting yourself for failure.

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