Keto Mojo: Ketone Blood Monitor.. Is it worth it?

Keto Mojo: Ketone Blood Monitor.. Is it worth it?

Whether you’re just starting out on keto or have been doing it for months now, monitoring your ketone levels is a must. So the idea of keto is to steer clear from carbohydrate rich foods that could spike your insulin levels. Typically, if you’re on this diet your carb intake should range from less than 20-50g per day with moderate protein and high fats (healthy fats). This will force your body to break down and use fats as an energy source rather than glucose. This process is known as ketosis. When your body is in the state of ketosis, it will produce ketones.

So what does this device do exactly?

This is when this monitor becomes useful. Blood ketone monitors gives you more of a precise measurement on the level of ketones you have in your body rather than using a urine strip test where eventually it becomes ineffective after being in ketosis for a long time. This monitor will give you an idea what foods will spike up your insulin that will result in to you producing more ghrelin that will make you more hungry and not satisfied, and eventually lead you into a binge.


I like to take my fasting glucose in the morning and my ketone levels 4 hours after waking up. Then before and after lunch and same with dinner, just so I know if anything I ate affected my blood glucose.


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This chart is pretty helpful to know where you’re at.


There are a lot of blood monitors out there but Keto Mojo is one of the few that monitors both glucose and ketone levels.

What does it include?

So the starter pack on amazon is about $60 that will include one monitor, one lancing device, about 10 lancets, and one carrying case.

Keto mojo has one of the cheapest strips I’ve found for the ketones, and some other brands don’t offer the option to also test out your blood glucose too. On the keto mojo website, they have special discounted bundles that is a better deal than amazon, but if you’re like me i’d Rather have the one day shipping. Lol


So knowing both your glucose and ketone levels is important to knowing if you’re truly in deep optimal ketosis. This is known as the GKI (glucose/ketone index) and this will track the ratio of blood glucose and ketones in your body and it is a bio marker for your metabolic health and the level of ketosis you are in. Urine strips itself isn’t accurate, although it is good for when you are just starting out on keto and don’t want to shell out the big bucks. But after you’re deep in to ketosis, you won’t produce much ketones in your urine that will cause you to think that you’re not in ketosis anymore. So using a blood monitor is most likely the best tool to use.

Bluetooth capabilities

So this monitor also have some bluetooth capabilities that will connect to your phone via the keto mojo app and a little plug in device that plugs in your monitor. It’s not really necessary, but if you are a little extra like me, I like to see everything on my phone. It costs about $25 extra. It records all of my readings in an organized way that helps me keep track of my readings better.

So is it really worth it though?

Yes! Though I do have a few cons about this product, like the cost of these strips and the fact that you have to calibrate your device every time you get a new bottle of ketone strips, it still is a very useful tool to have If you’re a keto nut like me. I like to test out which foods will spike up my blood sugar so I know what to stay away from. Though the strips are pretty pricey, you don’t have to test yourself every day. Just to have a good idea if you’re in optimal fat burning ketosis, I would say just test your blood once every other week. Whether you are a beginner or not to this diet, this will keep you in the right track.

How do you monitor your ketone levels?

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