My Keto Journey

My Keto Journey

It’s been 5 months since I’ve started the keto diet. My weight has always been something I’ve been struggling with. I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) where I have a hormonal imbalance that affects my body in numerous ways, weight gain was one of them.

I gained at least 30 pounds in less than 2 years and was at the heaviest I’ve ever been at 158-160 lbs. My skin was breaking out constantly, I had no energy all the time, I went from a size small to a large, and I always felt shitty during the day. Until one day I decided to just, well, not feel like that anymore. I needed to learn how to love my body again.

I’ve always wondered and been fascinated about the keto diet and how I’ve always heard good things from it. So I decided to do more research on it and try it for myself.

The start:

I fasted for 24 hours to deplete my body of any stored glycogen to get me to the state of ketosis faster. Then I started to count my macros. So, Keto mainly consist of eating a high fat, moderate protein, and little no carbs. As a big sweet eater and an Asian who eats a shit load of rice getting into ketosis was hell! The “keto flu” was real! After being so used to mainly using carbs as an energy source for your body, then one day limiting yourself to 10-20g of carb gave my body a shock! I felt like shit and felt nauseous. Took me about 3 days to get over it.
My first week of keto plus intermittent fasting I lost about 9 lbs with my normal daily activities and exercise. Fast forward to 5 months now with added cardio, I went from 158-160 to 121 lbs baby! My clothes started fitting lose again and my double chin finally was gone. I still have a couple of more pounds to shed but I’m proud of myself hehe.

Welcome to my blog btw. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting tips on how to start and stay in ketosis and a couple of recipes I personally love!

Are any of you a keto nut like myself? Or interested in doing it or maybe even just starting out? If so, drop a comment below and let me know how you’re doing!

2 thoughts on “My Keto Journey

  1. Omg yassss girl! Congratulations!
    I’m on the same boat I used to always weight about 120 pounds or so and I haven’t been able to lose weight I’m at 145 😩 I want to get rid of fat and my double chin. Give me tips on starting keto I always hear about it but still don’t understand it and haven’t looked much into it!

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